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Assigning a shortcut to a macro

step one - choose Tools in the menubar
First, choose "Tools" in the menubar.

step two - choose Customize in the Tools menu
Second, choose "Customize" in the Tools menu.

step three - choose the Keyboard tab
Third, choose "Keyboard" tab.

step four - choose a shortcut you like
Fourth, choose a shortcut you like. It should preferably be free or something you don't need.

step five - choose the macro in Category
Fifth, choose the macro you want to assign the shortcut to in "Category". macros are way down near the bottom. Graecise can be found in the submenu "user". Choose the function "Graecise" (or whatever macro you want to run).

step six - Click Modify
Sixth, click the "Modify" button.

step seven - Done
Seventh, you're ready to use the shortcut.

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